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Name: Giorgio Adolfo Krenkel
Location: Curitiba - Parana - Brasil

Perfect understanding of Maya and Mentalray integration.
The use of FinalGathering and Global Illumination Features.
The use of Extra shaders, to help enhance the final image render quality.
MEL Scripting (basic)
Integration of Maya with other 3D Softwares and Camera Tracking with BouJou.
Composite softwares, AfterEffects,Combustion,Shake,PiranhaHD
Installation of Maya/Mentalray on Windows and Linux, and respective installation of extra shaders(MR)
2D Softwares, Photoshop(basic),Illustrator(basic),CorelDraw(basic)
Other 3D Softwares, Softimage XSI,3D Studio Max,Blender
Other Rendering softwares, Brazil,V-ray,Turtle,Povray

Worked for 5 years as an animator, creating logo Ids for a Local Brazilian Television.
Currently working as a freelance, with small architects, responsible for lighting, texturing,rendering of scenes created with Autocad.